The Complete Estate Agency Service

There is much debate over the use of an online Estate Agent compared to a traditional high street Full Service Estate Agent. The low fee may be attractive to many but the question arises: what are you really paying for and will it actually work? The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is one to reflect on. It’s a cheaper price because they do less – it’s a DIY option! It’s easy to think that you, the owner, may be the best placed person to sell your property (after all who knows it like you do?) but have you considered what you are missing out on?

Here at Cavendish Residential, we pride ourselves on a tried and tested formula. It covers everything from getting your property on the market (the straight forward bit); actively sourcing potential buyers from our ever growing database of  customers; accompanying house viewings and gleaning intelligence; communicating effectively with both sides; to negotiating offers and liaising with legal and mortgage professions.

We’re so confident of our award winning sales negotiation process and our ability to sell houses quickly and efficiently, that we don’t charge any upfront fee! Many of the online agents are not able to do this – you pay in the hope you sell! Our competitive fee is paid only on the sale of your property and covers the complete estate agency service.

We’re proud to offer a ‘Do it all for you’ service at Cavendish Residential.